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Nina Williams: Highly Illogical

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Nina Williams: Highly Illogical

No rope, no protection. Nina Williams puts everything on the line when it comes to highball bouldering. But at heights of almost 15 meters, even her heart skips a few beats. She has chosen Too Big to Flail, a route that definitely cannot be considered ‚climbing at jump height‘. The holds are so small that, from a distance, the rock actually looks like it has been polished. This is why Nina Williams is fascinated by the route that Alex ‚Free Solo‘ Honnold established here in the Buttermilks (California) seven years ago. It hadn‘t yet been repeated by a woman. With Ambrosia and Evilution Direct, Nina Williams already achieved two outstanding successes in highball bouldering. Who or what could stop her with Too Big to Flail?

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