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Le Minimaliste – An Himalayan Adventure

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Le Minimaliste – An Himalayan Adventure

The French adventurer Eliott Schonfeld crosses the Himalayas from west to east. Far off the beaten track, his path leads him through the wide valleys of Ladakh and over barren passes and glaciers to Nepal. Seven-thousand-meter peaks are always within view, but people and villages are a rare sighting. Eliott's only companion on this lonely trek is his horse, Robert. While the snow-covered and icy passages become a serious challenge for his four-legged friend, Eliott himself acutely feels, during the bitterly cold nights, that he may have spared too much on his equipment. Still, the minimalist adventurer explores his limits along the way and eventually renounces the last amenities of civilization: tent, sleeping bag, and lighter. How little is just enough?

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